Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems

Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems launched its first products of fly screens, curtains and accessories, thus started its business in the door&window field 

Owning the patent that can be owned in 2011 and “6 patents can be said.

2013 Ar-Gemer and production factory in 2000 Izmir Gaziemir wide course.

It has started to import and export since 2014 and will be industrializing from the industrial industry.

In 2016, it became a joint stock company as the growth is growing.

Readings until 2018 include logistics warehouse on 1200 m2 area in the Republic of North Macedonia in better service.

In 2020, Sineset Yapi ve Yapi Malzemeleri San. Trade ASPECT. Sinefix Mak. Singing. Foreign Trade ASPECT. was established.

Some of  the products of Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems are pleated fly screens, roller blinds, sliding fly screens, circle-attached fly screens, inside opening fly screens, training opening fly screens, fly screen+ curtain visors for caravans and boats, portable fly screens, pleated screens, zip screens, bioclimatic pergolas and all accessories used in the production.

It serves 50% of its market alone with its wide product range and service.

It has 524, more than 100 dealers and businesses in the country.

Our Values;

-Quality , Product and Service
-Reliability , Transparency
-Solution Oriented
-Customer Portfolio




To serve within the framework of international quality standards, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with its superior service and quality.



To be the leading company in the sector in the world, which can integrate with changes and developments with its technology-based production capability, and which follows innovations with its R&D studies.


Sineset strives to provide innovation and innovation in the sector with continuous R&D studies in product development processes.


Sineset continues its production stages in accordance with national and international quality standards, with its own production.


We see in detail the details of our most basic results that we aim with innovation and quality standards in our products. Sineset operates with the highest sensitivities regarding customer example.


Sineset manufactures all products with its own machinery. From the design customized by the R&D system to the facility, our track includes many machines of the Sineset brand and special custom. Call us for more information about the professional structure of Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems.