Roll-up Locked FLY SCREEN

Roll-Up Fly Screen is a product that aims to be the prime answer to the areas where customized sizes await special attention. Thus, the product is pioneering in offering healthy and alternative solutions.
Sinestore is  evaluated and dimended in many other categories with its vertical properties and elegant appearance.
Sineset Roll Up Fly Screen provide a long-term pleasant use thanks to its brake component.
Sinestor Locked model is designed as a height-adjustable locking system without the use of plastic accessories.
Our Aluminium Fly Screens, which are safe, aesthetic, and provide a good insulation, offer the most convenient solutions to all your demands, thanks to the flexible production capabilities.
Should you have any inquiries or want to have more detailed information regarding our product please do not hesitate to contact our team.

  • It is a practical product with its a retractable mechanism.
  • Offers a safer experience with its Locking System.
  • It provides a full isolation thanks to its Weather Piles.
  • Optionally, you can choose to include a Pet Screen, which is a Pet-Friendly solution, in your Sinestore Locked Fly Screen.
  • Provides a long-term pleasant use thanks to the special designed brake apparatus.

Further Technical information regarding the Roll-up Locked Fly Screen;



Roll-up Locked Fly Screen is produced for vertical use.

The width and height limits of our Roll-up Locked Fly Screen model;


  • Minimum 50 cm 
  • Maximum  150 cm


  • The maximum height is fixed with the selected cassette height