Zip Curtain

Zip curtain systems provide a stylish design to the user and also serve as a plan. You can use it as an outdoor design and curtain with mosquito net systems.

Among the wide-ranging areas of use, the most used areas are; Veranda, Winter gardens, balconies, cafes and forests, and terraces.
The product is designed for outdoor use. Unbearable to send unexpected weather. It is resistant to winds blowing at 120 km per hour. It has a wind switch feature for light winds.
We offer many color options to the user with two fabric pieces, imported and local.
It creates a comfort area in the fabric according to the user.
usage area. Depending on our Sineset Zip Curtain product, there are 3 different models as Motorized, Chained and Manual.

For more detailed information about our product, please contact an expert in the field.

  • Manual, Chain and Motorized options are available.
  • It offers you solutions regarding usage areas.
  • Fitilli kullanım sayesinde tam izolasyon sağlar.
  • Optionally, reinforced Pet Friendly Mesh (Pet Screen) application is made to keep your pets safe.

Zip Curtain Systems Manual, can be applied separately and are produced as motorized.

Zip Curtain width and length limits;


  • Minimum – cm 
  • Maximum  – cm


  • Minimum – cm
  • Maximum – cm