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Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems
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Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems

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Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems

Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems took its first step in door&window industry by launching the products of fly screens, curtains, accessories in İzmir where the head office is located, in 2009.

The company patented its own designs in 2011 and owns 6 patented products today.

Sineset Company built its 2,000 square meters manufactury in consequence of rapid advancement in research&development and increased production in 2013.

It has been in import& export trades since 2014 and has become one of the most powerful companies of its field worldwide.

It became joint stock company in 2016 as a result of its exponential growth.

The company owned its 1200 square meters warehouse in 2018, in Republic of North Macedonia to meet rising demands in global market.

In 2020, Sineset Yapi ve Yapi Malzemeleri San. Trade Inc. established its subsidiary firm of Sinefix Mak. San. Foreign Trade Inc. in order to manufacture and export machines the market needs.

The Product Portfolio of Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems includes; Pleated, Roll-up, Sliding Fly Screens, Inward Fixed, Inside Opening, Outside Opening, Portable Flyscreens, Sunshades and Fly Screens for Caravans&Boats, Plisse Screen, Zip Screen, Bioclimatic Pergola Systems and all accessories necessary for production.

The company is able to respond to %50 of market’s demands on its own thanks to its wide range of products and its excellent service.

Sineset Company has more than 600 dealers and business partners locally as well as having more than 50 partners in the global market. 

Our Values;

-Product Quality and Good Service
-Reliability, Transparency
-Customer Orientation

Learning to live your window with Sineset...

Sineset is the best and most aesthetic solution against all flies and insects that prevent you from opening your window to nature, with aesthetic and solutions suitable for all kinds of architecture. Contact us with our professionals for alternative application and more detailed information.

Machine Park

Sineset manufactures all products with its own machinery. From the design customized by the R&D system to the facility, our track includes many machines of the Sineset brand and special custom. Call us for more information about the professional structure of Sineset Fly Screen and Curtain Systems.

Frequently asked Questions

Questions that should be based on the priority of decision making for our fly screen and curtain model.

Mosquito nets, as the ventilation installation of our house, are used on our news doors and windows; It is the best way to guide the inclusion of insects, flies and flying creatures into our homes.

For these players, the assembly door, window and end are the building elements that can be used on the agenda, the right glass balcony.

It will be shaped according to the planning style included in the mosquito net models, the technical drawings of the plan and its functions.

Fly screen models for the benefit of joinery; you can benefit from pleated, sliding, roller blind, inset, portable and rich in opening. The only thing that needs to be done for this is the training from the above programs.

In the new generation plucking, rich color options are also available in our mosquito nets. This is generally complete.


*The most target should be given to hand use, such as the way plastic or aluminum joinery works (sliding, inward opening, reading style, glass balcony, giotin glazing), and the target shape for this, the mosquito net should be selected.

For example: You can use the Sineset Sliding product range for the sliding plucking that opens to your balcony. Or you can use Sineset Pleated and Inward Opening or  Stor’ types for your windows. The only thing that needs to be done for this is that the scale of your joinery should be evaluated before starting from the width and length, or you should be measured by the professional team. Available from all Sineset product types as applicable.

SINESET INC. In the current situation, it will be continued for suitable solutions for alternative solutions.


Currently, our target on this path is a facility that aims at its own production purpose for any project that has acquired the goal of quality and customer and adapted with the best acquired and practical applications of choosing new products accordingly.

In our structure;

“Pleated Fly Screen Groups
“Sliding Fly Screen Groups
“Roller Fly Screen Groups
“nset Fly Screen Groups

We manufacture groups in our Sineset Fly Screen Systems factory.

Although, until we are in a large cast, we make the fastest and most practical application, trained with the professional point of view, from a large region, even to the smallest problem that grows.

In all of our product groups, it is a great advantage both for our own dealers and for the end.

SINESET INC. It is designed to create your selection.

We are in a position to be disassembled and taken as material, instead of this product that came to the place where you reached our vehicle, which was a user in our factory. Shipping and shipping business is dangerous.

For more detailed information, you can contact us from the contact information.