The LR 8700 Series Bioclimatic Pergole system is a unique system with its design and appearance, and the Engine Parts. Thanks to its movable panels, it is a functional product that you can use in all seasons and will allow you to enjoy your terrace and garden without being affected by weather conditions.

In hot summer days, it absorbs the direct burning effect of the sun’s rays. (According to request and additional pricing). It also allows you to vent through your ceiling. It connects you with the sky. Lienarossa Shadow System, where you can air-condition, ventilate and watch the sky thanks to its Polyurethane Filled Lamellas that provide heat insulation on cold and windy days of winter days, when fully open, the lamella covers up to 15% area in the total opening distance of 85% collecting area, and this ratio provides the user with a maximum of 15% when compared to its equivalents. provides clarity.

It can be painted in the desired color from Linea Rossa or Ral charts. to the system; Zip curtain, Sliding or Folding Glass systems and Guillotine glazing systems can be attached to 135×135 mm Strut Legs without protruding. In all these systems, they are produced according to the dimensions by our expert personnel, and their installation is carried out quickly and practically.

The bioclimatic pergola is mounted without the need for any inclination, and the water is transferred to the stream profiles hidden in the body thanks to the design of the ceiling panels, and then to the ground via the PVC rain pipe inside the pillars. (Ceiling Lamels should be cleaned periodically from the top.)

It can be mounted as a stand-alone product on its own feet, or it can be installed with special carriers in areas under the wall or ceiling.

By installing the product side by side in the desired number and direction, it will ensure that the area you need is completely covered.

In addition to these, upon your request, Linear Led (RGB or desired Kelvin value) lighting can be added along the fixed frame of the system, and Polyurethane filling can be made into the lamella profiles, providing excellent both “heat” and “sound” insulation on the ceiling panels.

For more detailed information about our product, please contact our expert team.

  • Protection against rain
  • Adjustable mechanism
  • Applicability to the field as modular
  • Protection against UV Lights
  • The system has the capacity to carry 225 kg of snow load per m², and it can also show up to wind speeds of 50-70km per hour.
  • A single system can be applied with a width of 420cm and an opening size of up to 690cm.
  • The system provides water and air insulation thanks to its grooves on 4 sides and double-stage lamellas produced in a special form.
  • The accessories and connection screws used on the system are completely produced from A 316 quality Chrome.
  • A new generation Somfy brand motor and controller are used on the system, which provides double-sided transmission and allows you to make precise opening adjustments.
  • The engine is under warranty for 5 years by the manufacturer.